Decorating the walls in the kitchen: options for inexpensive finishing materials with your own hands

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The kitchen is a special place in every home, especially if we are talking about a private home, where every corner reflects the individuality of the owners. Many people wonder how to make kitchen renovations cheaply and beautifully with their own hands in a private home. The answer is simple: with the right approach and choice of materials, you can create a beautiful and functional interior without spending a lot of money. Wall decoration plays an important role in the overall perception of space, so the choice of materials should be approached carefully.

Preparing walls for decoration

First of all, you need to properly prepare the walls. This stage will help ensure the durability and aesthetics of the result, which is especially important when working independently. Cleaning, leveling and priming are the three pillars on which high-quality do-it-yourself kitchen wall decoration in a private home rests. It is necessary to carefully remove the old coating, treat the walls with antiseptic compounds and level them using putty or drywall.

Optimal options for finishing materials

When it comes to designing a small kitchen with your own hands, a budget option wall decoration is what you need. Small rooms require a particularly careful approach to the choice of materials, so as not to “heighten” the space visually, while at the same time making it cozy and stylish.

  1. Wallpaper as a budget solution: Can be added to the interior individuality by choosing vinyl, non-woven or glass wallpaper. These materials offer a wide choice of colors and textures suitable for decorating a kitchen in a private home in a modern style.
  2. Paint at an affordable price: If the issue of saving is especially acute, then paints of various compositions can be the key to changing the design of the kitchen without extra costs.
Types of wallpaper for the kitchenAdvantagesDisadvantages
VinylMoisture resistance, durabilityNot environmentally friendly to dispose of
Non-wovenLightness in gluing, hide unevennessRelatively high cost
Glass wallpaperStrength, resistance to cleaningComplexity in application and removal

When thinking about how to decorate the walls of a kitchen in a private house in a modern style, special attention should be paid to durability and ease of maintenance. Combining different materials can give an interesting effect and make the design unique.

Step-by-step guide to wall decoration

In order to radically change the appearance of a kitchen in a private home, you don’t have to spend large sums on services professionals. By following step-by-step instructions, you can achieve excellent results yourself.

  1. First you need to prepare all the necessary tools and materials. These include: primer, paint or wallpaper, rollers, brushes, masking tape, sandpaper and spatulas.
  2. Make sure all wall surfaces are clean and dry before starting work. Any defects should be eliminated in advance.
  3. To ensure good adhesion of the coating, apply a primer and wait until it dries completely.
  4. When using wallpaper, first apply masking tape to those places that should not be affected by the glue , and prepare the glue itself.
  5. If the choice fell on paint, you need to carefully paint every corner, starting from the ceiling, ending with the walls.

Caring for the finish: extending the life of the material

  • Easy to clean is a criterion that must be taken into account when choosing materials for the kitchen. The finish should be such that it can be easily washed off from household dirt.
  • Regular cleaning and maintaining cleanliness is the key to the safety and durability of any type of finish.
  • Use products designed specifically for that type of finish , which you have in the kitchen, so as not to harm the surface.


When choosing how to decorate the walls in the kitchen with your own hands in a private house, an outstanding result is achievable even without deep knowledge in construction. The main thing is careful preparation, the right choice of materials and accuracy in execution. So, your kitchen will be transformed, creating coziness and comfort for all family members.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: What materials are best suited for finishing the kitchen?

Vinyl wallpaper, acrylic or latex paints, decorative plaster or plastic panels may be suitable for the kitchen. Your choice should be based on personal preference, the humidity level of the kitchen and your budget.

Question 2: Is it possible to decorate the walls in the kitchen without moving out of the house?

Yes, you can . However, it is worth preparing for temporary inconveniences, such as limited use of the kitchen, dust and noise from work.

Question 3: How to prepare walls for finishing?

Careful cleaning the walls from the previous coating, priming them and leveling them with putty or drywall if necessary.

Question 4: How difficult is it to finish the walls in the kitchen yourself?

The complexity depends on the materials and tools you choose, as well as your skills. By following the instructions and recommendations of the material manufacturer, kitchen renovations can be done independently.

Question 5: How long does it take to finish the walls in the kitchen?

Time required for finishing walls, depends on the size of the kitchen, the condition of the walls, the selected materials and the speed of work. Repairs usually take from several days to several weeks.